STEULER-KCH Kiln Furniture in the Ceramics Industry

Continually rising energy costs and frequently changing products in the ceramics industry demand versatile rack systems. Optimum use must be made of the kiln space available. The variable kiln car system from STEULER-KCH offers the required flexibility and stability. This means STEULER-KCH kiln car systems are also suitable, among other things, for use in automatic tunnel kilns, muffle kilns and bogie hearth furnaces.

When there are extreme mechanical stresses, especially during long processing periods in a tunnel kiln, STEULER-KCH has developed a special plug-in system. Racks are installed stably without mortar, so an undisturbed service cycle is guaranteed. Special interlocking nubs also compensate for temperature stresses in the heating and cooling phases.

  • In case of short kiln cycles, thermal tensions are arising in the kiln furniture. Equal bar and wall thicknesses of grating plates ensure an optimal thermal flow and the tensions are reduced.
  • Tunnel kiln car for the firing of roof tiles in H cassettes
  • Lightweight but sturdy car assembly with special props