STEULER-KCH Kiln Furniture for Powder Metallurgy

The finishing costs for powder metallurgical sinter mouldings can be minimised by the use of special kiln furniture. The smoother the firing surface, the smoother the moulding after heat treatment. Support points can be arranged at different heights and shrinkage can also be preset to any degree needed. STEULER-KCH kiln furniture is produced using a dry press process where all dimensions can be controlled with high precision. This ensures close dimensional tolerances in the workpieces and minimises finishing work, a definite bonus when automating production lines.

The materials we use, especially cordierite, are characterised by very high resistance to temperature variations – a crucial requirement for fast kiln cycles.
Take advantage of our many years of experience and our know-how even at the development stage of your sinter moulded components. We can advise you and together we can then develop solutions which also minimise your production costs. Our own tool-making facilities give us great flexibility in fulfilling your requirements.

As a plant operator, you can also benefit from our close contacts with kiln and machine constructors. Practical requirements can be met flexibly and innovatively by our research and development departments.

Technical ceramics   
We offer customer-specific design and efficient solutions for use as firing and transport aids. These may be capsules, plates, frames or supports, for example.

For the sintering of electroceramics (e.g. ceramic components, capacitors, varistors, piezo-ceramics, soft and hard ferrites), we also produce state of the art kiln furniture. High precision thin-walled designs ensure trouble-free use in automatic cycles. Low-MgO versions, specially developed for use in roller kilns, minimise reactions with the support rollers and also with the products being fired.

Magnetic ceramics
For the firing of hard ferrites in roller kilns, a special low-MgO version has been developed to prevent reactions with the support rollers and the products being fired.

  • Skillet for automatic loading and circulation in the ferrite industry
  • Underlay plate with very good resistance to temperature variation in the powder metallurgy industry
  • Skillets with capsules in technical ceramics, in which the capsules are locked together and the skillet is also locked to each capsule
  • Sintered rings – Unground and ground sintered rings serve as carriers for annular sintered parts such as synchroniser rings or gear wheels. If the sintered product requires very precise seating, rings can be ground to a flatness of 0.03 mm on both sides.