The Steuler Group operates worldwide with a portfolio of leading brands and innovative technologies in the fields of Linings, Equipment Engineering, Pools and Tiles.

Materials, expertise and service | Linings

Steuler is the leading full-service supplier of linings. Backed by a team of experienced industry professionals, we develop innovative materials and products, offer sound application technology and detailed consultancy, planning and engineering services. Our network of international subsidiaries and affiliates comprising over 750 fitters and supervisors ensures installation work is completed within deadline - worldwide - and we can even manage the turnkey delivery of your project too, if desired. Whether your project involves the construction of a new plant or the professional refitting and optimisation of existing systems and facilities, Steuler is your guarantee for sophisticated materials and efficient project implementation - as it has been for over 100 years.
The industrial sector is where we're at home. We have the right solution for every component and plant system requiring reliable, long-lasting protection against corrosion and the high chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses encountered in the chemical, hazardous waste incineration, ceramic and power generation industries. We're masters at taming aggressive media. Coatings, rubber linings, acid-resistant linings and refractory brick or thermoplastic liners: Steuler always comes up with a convincing solution, whatever the application. We're also specialists when it comes to refractory linings and kiln furniture, as well as equipment, storage vessels and piping systems.
You can find out more about our industrial linings and process equipment here: www.steuler-linings.com

Tried-and-tested technology and processes “Made in Germany” | Equipment Engineering

In addition to regeneration plants for process media, Steuler Anlagenbau designs and supplies complete plant systems for finishing metal surfaces, the treatment and conditioning of industrial wastewater - including the recovery of raw materials and water - and the catalytic, thermal, physical and/or chemical removal of pollutants from exhaust gases. We work in close partnership with our customers to develop the process and plant engineering systems bests suited to their requirements. Our success is built on detailed analysis, communication and a thorough understanding of systems and processes. This is the result of decades of experience in dealing with every aspect of plant construction and operation combined with our in-depth engineering know-how.
You can find out more about the services Steuler Anlagenbau offers here: www.steuler-engineering.com

A passion for ceramics | The Steuler Tilesgroup

The Steuler Tilesgroup is one of the largest manufacturers of tiles "Made in Germany", producing over 13 million square metres of tiles each year for the domestic and overseas markets.
The Steuler Tilesgroup comprises the brands Steuler Design, Grohn, Nordceram and Kerateam, who together cater to the needs and requirements of a wide range of different customers and areas of application.

The production facilities in Mühlacker, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Leisnig are a clear statement of commitment to Germany as a manufacturing location. The success the tiles "Made in Germany" enjoy in 45 countries shows that customers around the world appreciate the excellent quality and uniqueness they offer.

Our collections are conceived and developed in house by our own design teams. By drawing inspiration from nature, for example, our designers are able to continually come up with fresh and original ideas: At times revolutionary, striking and bold, at times timelessly beautiful, sublimely elegant and functional. Every one of the Steuler Tilesgroup's brands bears its own unmistakable signature. Our tiles are as varied as the people for whom they are crafted.

Allow yourself to be inspired: www.steuler-fliesengruppe.de/en

The culture of swimming pools | Pool Construction

For customers who expect sophisticated design combined with the ultimate in reliability - whether for a hotel spa, private wellness temple, thermal baths or sports facility. Swimming pool waterproofing systems from STEULER-KCH deliver what they promise. And they're always individually designed in exact accordance with our customers' wishes, visually appealing and totally watertight for years to come.
Find out more about our pool construction technologies and services: www.steuler-pools.com

From Westerwald to the entire world | Steuler Services

Steuler Services, based at the headquarters in Höhr-Grenzhausen, supports the manufacturing and operational divisions around the world by centrally handling administrative operations. IT and network administration, controlling, finance and accounting, central purchasing, foreign trade and shipping, human resources and legal affairs, marketing and communication as well as quality management - Westerwald is where all the threads come together.
More service, improved quality and client satisfaction: These are the demands that unite all the Group's divisions. A mission that we resolutely fulfil with the support of around 2,700 employees at our 25 locations  around the globe.