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STEULER KCH prevents the 'green death' in Saudi Arabia


Foreign assignments lasting several weeks are nothing new for the technicians and engineers of the Westerwald corrosion protection specialists. Now BEKAFLON is making its way around the world too - a film lining recently added to the product portfolio that is enjoying great success in power plants.

The current order will take the specialists to Saudi Arabia. Here, the flue gas channels of a seawater FGD (flue gas desulphurisation plant) are to be lined with BEKAFLON and the flue gas desulfurisation scrubbers coated with STEULERFLAKE. Over 5500m² of film lining for the channels and around 8000m² of concrete coating for the scrubbers is being manufactured in Siershahn and then transported to the Middle East. The installation work in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to start in the spring of 2015. Of particular interest with this order: STEULER KCH was awarded the contract first and foremost because with its combination of business divisions, Surface Protection Systems and Plastics Technology, the company was able to offer the customer a complete system.

The "green death"

In power plants used by power generating companies or refinery operators, "warm and dry" flue gases are cooled down prior to washing from approx. 210°C to a "cold and wet" state at around 110°C. With fuels such as coal, fuel oil or hazardous waste, the flue gas contains high levels of sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid. When heat is extracted, an extremely aggressive condensate is produced that is known as the "green death" in the power plant engineering sector. The conventional way of protecting power plant components from being attacked by this dangerous cocktail has, until now, been by using stainless steel alloys.

BEKAFLON film linings made of PFA and PTFE-M now offer a distinct advantage over high-alloyed stainless steels: Metal is subject to steady loss of material through corrosion with the additional danger of crevice corrosion in the area of the welds. Another advantage of PFA and PTFE-M film linings are their very good non-stick properties, similar to the coating of a non-stick frying pan. During installation, the films are fixed to the walls with threaded bolts and the screw heads covered with PFA/PTFE-M caps that are then welded tight with the film lining. All in all, a secure system.

The BEKAFLON system itself consists of a flake coating and a covering of PTFE-M film. The interaction between these two components is crucial for the coating to remain impermeable. With its combination of BEKAFLON ® and STEULERFLAKE SPC/SPG-HT, Steuler KCH is now able to offer a complete professional system for the highly demanding corrosion protection requirements within power plants.

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