Even easier to find your topic. Steuler Linings-bricks catalogue with new search functions.

Der neue Katalog zu säurebeständigen Steinen, Platten und Formteilen in Standardabmessungen wurde Anfang 2019 neu aufgelegt und bietet eine Übersicht über die Steinqualitäten säurefester keramsicher Werkstoffe und mehr.

Take a look!


Interaktive index:

One click on your desired bricks format and you will be taken to the corresponding page in the catalogue.


Are you looking for information on a specific topic? With the new bookmarks you navigate quickly and easily in the catalogue, without having to read each page individually.

Another tip:

The PDF-reader integrated in your browser may not support all search functions lately included. Please try to open the bricks catalogue in your Adobe Acrobat Reader to have fully access to the new features.