Code of Conduct


We feel committed.

Our company strives to maintain values such as innovation, flexibility, safety and growth. As a result of our motivated and creative employees, we - in collaboration with our customers and partners - create solutions that greatly benefit our customers.

For Steuler, entrepreneurial responsibility means that we not only take into account economic factors in our business strategy, but that we also always bear in mind our employees, the good of the company and the environment.

The success of our company depends upon our employees being motivated, competent and acting responsibly. We promote the development of our employees by means of services and programmes and thus strengthen our Group's position as one of the most attractive employers in the field of linings, plant construction and tiles.

This Code of Conduct constitutes a commitment on the part of all Steuler Group employees to act properly and responsibly in their everyday professional life. The principles described in this document, which have been developed continually throughout the company's history of more than 100 years, reflect the Steuler culture and the interaction at our company. Our employees remind themselves every day that they are representatives of the company in everything that they do and are perceived as such. By contributing to a positive perception of the Steuler Group through their work, they also support the economic success of our company.

These principles of conduct are intended to give all employees of the Steuler Group a secure feeling for what is right and wrong behavior, even if not every possible conflict of interests can be named individually. With this feeling of security, we all approach our market partners and encourage them to adopt the appropriate basic behavior.

For our trading partners, we are a reliable, transparent and responsible partner that acts in an ethically proper manner. The corresponding framework for this is prescribed to us by this Code of Conduct.

In the event of serious violations of our Code of Conduct, our own employees must expect reactions from the company, including disciplinary measures.
We are aware that stricter rules than those listed here may apply in certain regions, cultures and organizations. The rules published here therefore apply as a minimum standard.