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Study-related questions

Identifying the right discipline can sometimes be tricky. To do this, you should consider your personal interests and talents.

Completing an internship beforehand could also help you find out more about your interests and talents.

If you decide to study after school, there are a number of options. In addition to a "classic" course of study at a university or college, you can also opt for a dual or cooperative course.

While you apply to a company that cooperates with a college for the dual study program, for the normal study program the application is sent directly to the desired universities and colleges. This means that there is greater flexibility in terms of location in the “classic” course, because companies usually only work with selected college. The cooperative study forms a mixture of the two models. You start a classic course of study at the university or college of your choice and then apply to a company.

Practical relevance
The advantage of a dual or cooperative degree is obvious. In addition to the academic degree, you gain experience right from the start and can create a practical reference to the theory learned at the college or university. Of course, this is also possible for traditional students through internships and part-time jobs during their studies or during the semester break. However, with dual or cooperative studies, you go through various relevant departments of a company and can thus get to know the processes and structure and work independently. In addition, there is usually a great chance of continuing the employment relationship after graduation.

The process of a dual study program can be structured in a similar way to a cooperative study program. This means that you work in the company throughout the semester break, attend lectures in the theoretical phases at the college and enjoy the advantages of a student life. Both in the dual and in the cooperative study, you get a lot of practical insights - although the practical component in the dual study is much higher than in the cooperative study.

In the dual study program, there are also models that are linked to commercial apprenticeship. Here you work in the company all year round, in addition to the college and vocational school days.

Financial matters
An important factor for many students is of course the remuneration. The “classic” course is self-financed in the form of student loans or the maintenance of custodians. During the semester break or outside of the lecture period, many students also have a part-time job. In the case of dual and cooperative studies, however, the students receive a monthly fee for the entire term of the contract, including during the theoretical phases at the college or university. Other costs such as tuition fees or work materials are also covered by the company.

Questions about dual-track degree programmes (“duales Studium”)

Currently, we support dual-track study programmes in Business Administration or Business Informatics.

To undertake dual-track studies at Steuler, we don’t expect you to have any specific existing skills. However, we do see a strong affinity for your chosen discipline and good results in your final high-school exams as vital for success in your studies.

Whatever field you’ll be working in, you will be supported by a skilled mentor.

You should ideally start applying around one year before you plan to begin your studies.

After successful completion of the dual study program, you will be able to present a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Business Administration degree (VWA), depending on the course of study. In addition, you have the option of simultaneously earning an apprenticeship qualification as an "Industriekaufmann" (m/f/d) or "Kaufmann für Digitalisierungsmanagement" (m/f/d) - which can be roughly translated as “Industrial Management Assistant” and “Businessman for digitization management”. The options are diverse and are tailored to your needs.

The dual study program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems takes 3.5 years. In the field of business administration, you will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree after three years.

We take care of your tuition fees and also pay you a training allowance. This means you can expect to be achieving your own income right from the start.

You are entitled to 30 days’ leave per year while studying.

Questions about cooperative degree programmes (“kooperatives Studium”)

We offer “cooperative study” programmes in the fields of Construction Engineering and Energy & Process Technology. Other courses of study, e.g. mechanical or chemical engineering, are also possible under certain circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer “cooperative study” programmes in the fields of Construction Engineering and Energy & Process Technology. We are also open to considering other disciplines, such as Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering. Feel free to contact us regarding this.

During the study phases, you can concentrate wholly on your studies and won’t need to work. During the semester holidays, you’ll then come to work with us at Steuler, where you’ll be able to put into practice the theoretical content you’ve learned. To facilitate this, we agree around 200 hours of work per year, equivalent to approximately 5-6 working weeks annually. The exact working hours are set down in an individual agreement with you.

Whatever field you’ll be working in, you will be supported by a skilled mentor.

Ideally, you should apply as soon as you can demonstrate successful completion of the first semester. You can also apply before that point. If we see you as a suitable candidate for cooperative studies, we’ll sign a preliminary contract with you, which is then converted into a full contract after a successful first semester.

The cooperative study program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree usually takes 3.5 years (7 semesters).

We take care of your tuition fees and also pay you a work remuneration. This means you can expect to be achieving your own income right from the start.

Future career and prospects

Are you someone who shows initiative, has a sense of motivation and is eager to develop professionally and personally? Then there’s nothing to prevent you from being taken on once you graduate from your studies.

Questions on the application process for studies

We prefer to receive your application online, via our job portal, where you can upload your complete application documents.

Your documents will be immediately accepted into our application process and initially checked for completeness. After that, your application is viewed and evaluated by our human resources department. Once both of these stages have been completed, you’ll receive a response by email.

Your data is treated confidentially and deleted if your application is unsuccessful in accordance with data protection rules. However, if you give us your consent, we’ll be happy to retain your data in case a suitable opportunity for us to work together arises at a later date.

If you apply using our online application form, you’ll receive a confirmation of receipt as soon as you’ve submitted your application. As a result, you can be sure that we’ve received your documents and will be reviewing them.

We try to go through all incoming applications and then give appropriate feedback as soon as we can. You can also visit the candidate portal to check the latest status of your application at any time.

Questions about final-year dissertation projects

In principle, you can work on your final-year dissertation project in any of our divisions. The requirements are that the topic, developed jointly with us, is relevant for the division concerned and that we can provide competent experts with sufficient time to support you.

We appreciate creative approaches and new ideas and are open to considering your own suggestions for dissertation projects provided we have the expertise to assist.

We can work with you to identify a topic that’s right for both you and the company. You simply need to tell us your idea. The more precisely you formulate your focus areas and aims – and the more clearly we can see the added value for our business – the easier it will be to identify a suitable dissertation topic.

For your final-year dissertation, you’ll have access to expert mentors who will assist you as fully as possible.

Ideally, we will already have got to know one another as a result of an internship and discovered that there’s a good fit. If this doesn’t apply but you’ve demonstrated your strengths during your dissertation project, there’s no reason why an internship couldn’t be arranged to enable us to get to know each other better.