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A multitude of prospects and surprisingly interesting tasks, autonomous working and open and respectful interaction with work colleagues are some of the things that make the Steuler Group unique.

It does`t matter if you come to us with professional experience, as a career changer, as a graduate, for your thesis, for an internship or for vocational training - we make it easy for you to get started and offer you the best development opportunities.

How you shape your career at Steuler is to a large extent down to you - what your ambitions are and your level of dedication. If we are impressed by your personality and convinced by your talent, we are able to offer you excellent career prospects - world-wide. We support you in achieving your personal and professional goals. We are well aware that the Steuler Group is only as good as its employees. That is why we set great store by personal development and offer individual development programmes to support you in performing the responsible work entrusted to you. Career planning and sustainability - for us, the two go hand in hand. We offer junior staff development programmes to foster new talent. We consider comprehensive education and training a key aspect in safeguarding the future of our group. This is why we foster the development of those who wish to grow with us on a long-term basis. Together with a wide variety of health-promoting activities, sporting team events and employee initiatives, we like to call it "People 1st“. 

People 1st stands for all of the things we do in order to support our employees individually and as a team, strengthen their technical, methodological and personal skills and present them with attractive options for their development. We organise practice-oriented advanced training programmes, e.g. on languages or software applications, stress management and work/life balance. 

We believe in an open style of leadership and communication at all management levels and continuous dialogue on a day-to-day basis. We also use formal tools at Steuler to provide a procedural framework for working together. Executive and employee performance appraisals, management guidelines and our employee suggestion scheme are firmly established parts of our corporate culture.

The Steuler Group attaches great value to the personal freedoms and development opportunities of its employees and offers them considerable latitude and flexibility when it comes to organising their work. What ultimately matters is the result of the work. As such, the time and place where the work is done are of less and less importance.

Steuler has received multiple awards as a family-friendly company and has policies in place to allow a healthy work/life balance to be achieved. These are further endorsement of the importance we place on reconciling family and work within the company. We all know, of course, how important a healthy balance between work, family and leisure time is. This is why we will always come up with a solution which allows you to maintain this balance.

Numerous Steuler sites offer flexi-timeor trust-based working hours. In addition to this, job-sharing models, part-time working options, home office working and the widespread use of laptops and smartphones create more flexible employment options.

At the company's headquarters in the Westerwald, there are childminders on hand to care for your children in an emergency - so that problems due to a lack of child care do not arise in the first place. The ideal conditions are therefore in place for our employees to organise things in such a way that they can perform at their best while at work.

Your health in the workplace is important to us, which is why we promote the health and effectiveness of our employees by means of targeted programmes and preventative measures. Our range of preventive measures makes your job at Steuler healthier, safer and thus more attractive still. Besides offering check-ups and vaccination programmes, we provide support in dealing with conflicts and stress, personal consultancy with addiction issues, sporting team events and discounts on training at various fitness studios. 

Each year, Steuler sees an above-average number of employees celebrate their own personal work anniversary. Many have been at the company for over 10 years, some for 25 years - even 40-year anniversaries are not uncommon. We place great importance on a trust-based, long-term working relationship and offer secure jobs in a robust, medium-sized company. Fair and transparent remuneration based on a collective agreement is an important part of our corporate culture. In addition to this, at Steuler you enjoy a high level of social security, payments to employee savings schemes, 30 days of holiday and a 13th monthly salary each year.

We are a team

We effectively develop the market with passion and enthusiasm. We are looking for new colleagues who share this desire and enjoy tackling new challenges. It makes no difference where your career with us begins: It's your personality, with all its idiosyncrasies, that matters. We are looking for sharp minds with a pragmatic approach to implementation. This is because the drive, flexibility and innovative strength of our employees are fundamental to our success.

Despite the great diversity within our workforce, what unites us all are the following aspects

  • Ability to shape the future with innovative ideas.
  • Curiosity to continually challenge accepted norms.
  • Dedication which time and again produces innovative solutions.
  • The passion with which we cater to the needs and requirements of our customers.
  • The diligence with which we work on developing the best products and technologies, the quality of which is trusted by our customers throughout the world.
  • An atmosphere in which everyone can openly express their opinions and which allows space for unorthodox ideas to grow too. Hierarchies? We consciously keep them flat and flexible and structures as lean as possible.
Steuler employee Isabelle Raue

"Every beginning is easy – at Steuler! Immediately after signing the employment contract, I was involved in a structured onboarding process. When I started work, everyone gave me a warm welcome and I felt fully integrated into the team right from the orientation phase - as if it had always been like this."

Isabelle Raue (with Steuler since 2021)
Patrizio Pero, third generation Steuler employee

"I can proudly say that I am part of the company in the third generation. And I'm already looking forward to the fourth soon with my son!"

Patrizio Pero (with Steuler since 2007)

You can expect that from us

We want our employees to feel comfortable with us.

Therefore, we do not only offer them an exciting task in an internationally operating company but also – according to demand or depending on location, assignment and position – numerous additional benefits, too.

work clothes
workplace equipment
foreign assignments
advisory service health/finances
occupational pension scheme
company physician
deferred compensation
increased holiday entitlement
meal allowance
company car
flexible work time
leave for voluntary service
health management
good traffic connections
mobile phone
home office
internet use
annual special payments
performance-oriented pay
mentoring programs
staff events
gifts on special occasions
junior staff network
personnel development
special leave
support with apartment search
benefit society
reconciliation of work and family life
capital-forming payments
additional social benefits
additional insurances
insurance service

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