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With our corrosion protection solutions, we master aggressive media in industry, we design plants for environmental protection and beautify rooms with ceramic passion.

Steuler Linings develops, produces and installs corrosion-resistant and refractory materials as well as lining technologies for the highly specialized industrial requirements. With its own international subsidiaries and agencies, Steuler offers a global network and implements projects and large-scale plants from various industries around the globe.

Steuler Equipment Engineering designs and supplies regeneration plants and treatment processes for process media and industrial waste water, complete plant systems for the treatment of metal surfaces as well as plants for the catalytic, thermal, physical and/or chemical removal of pollutants from waste gases.

The Steuler Tilesgroup is one of the largest manufacturers of tiles in Germany, producing with several brands over 13 million square metres of tiles each year for the domestic and overseas markets.

Steuler Group

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