Locational Advantages


Oh, beautiful Westerwald - welcome to your new home!

There are many reasons to join the Steuler team. Apart from the interesting and exciting jobs on offer in an international business group, it's above all the attractive locations that tempt people to settle down in the region.

Location and Size

Set in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate between Cologne, Frankfurt and Koblenz, the Westerwald district is 988.73 km² in size and home to just under 200,000 inhabitants.

Life and Living

If you decide to settle in the Westerwald region, besides the stunning countryside, you'll find the cost of living to be optimal too. Compared to the nearby cities and population centres, property prices and rents are significantly below the average price per square metre. You'll find charming properties are up for sale in the various communities. In many cases, there are subsidy programmes available to promote the upkeep of village centres and restore houses. This makes it easy for even young families to realise their dream of home ownership.

Family and Education

The Westerwald district offers families an appealing living environment and is continually working to make the conditions even more family friendly. Childcare facilities are especially important when it comes to achieving a healthy work/life balance. The number of options in the Westerwald is impressive - many places offer all-day care to make sure youngsters are optimally provided for. The wide range of free nurseries and all the educational institutions in the Westerwald are shown on this interactive map. When it comes to education, the infrastructure in the so-called "rural areas" has not just caught up with the metropolitan areas over the past few decades, but in many regions is now on a par with them. The Westerwald offers its citizens the full gamut of educational opportunities. These range from primary schools to universities, from extracurricular activities, music and sports clubs to vocational training and adult education. 

Transport Connections

The Westerwald is connected to the national and international long-distance rail network via the high-speed ICE station at Montabaur on the high-speed Cologne-Rhine/Main railway line. The ICE connects with Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt’s primary station in the south-east. Travelling in the opposite direction, you can reach Siegburg/Bonn, Cologne and Brussels within just a short time.
The motorways A3 (Cologne-Frankfurt/Main) and A48 (Trier-Koblenz-Montabaur) run through the district. The district is also well connected by a number of trunk roads enabling commuters to quickly reach their destinations.


An increasing number of Westerwald-based companies have succeeded in positioning themselves among the best of the national and international competition. Based on the nominal gross domestic product, the Westerwald district is one of the strongest economic districts in Rhineland-Palatinate. The town of Montabaur and the Community of Wallmerod have the highest per capita purchasing power in the district and lie above the national average.