Questions and answers for professionals

Career at Steuler

Joining Steuler

Many roads lead to Steuler! Whether you’ve already gained experience in your profession or are still to choose your career path, there are many options for joining Steuler. Depending on the particular job requirements involved, you can enjoy success with us either as an expert in your field or as someone changing career.

Perhaps you’re someone who thinks outside the box and just “gets on with it”? We are looking for creative minds, genuine team players and people with drive who bring something different to the table. We hope that your fresh ideas can move our company forward. For us, what’s important is that you want to get involved and contribute your skills. What’s more, you should share our commitment to values such as fairness, trust and innovation.

If you have potential and are willing to make things happen then you’re just the kind of person we are looking for.

Prospects and professional development

We want to ensure you’re among the best in your field — whether you’re only just starting out in your career or are firmly established in your professional role. For talent to blossom, employees need to have access to ongoing opportunities and an environment that favours personal growth, whether in a managerial role or as an expert in their particular field.

Our motto here is summed up as “doing what you’re best at”. For this approach to succeed, we look carefully at how you can bring your strengths to play in our business right from your start with us. We’re convinced that deploying people in line with their strengths helps them to feel motivated, confident and happy in their work.

But perhaps you’re not yet quite sure where your strengths really lie? No problem. We’ll help you find out and actively support your professional development.

We recognise performance! In fact, irrespective of your role or current career stage, performance is rewarded at Steuler. As well as the earnings-related opportunities built into our career model, you can also take on responsibilities early, depending on your qualification and skills, as you progress in your management or specialist career.

Work-life balance

For us, family-friendly policies involve both flexibility and acting as partners and supporters to our employees.

If support is needed and emergency measures sometimes have to be taken for personal reasons, we find a solution that works for everyone. The aim is to strike a healthy balance between personal and professional life. In other words, we work as a family.

We offer our employees a wide variety of incentives. These extend from subsidised lunches in our workplace restaurant to company events at our various locations.

To encourage a healthy work-life balance, we provide our employees with a range of fitness and healthcare opportunities, while team events help to foster a friendly atmosphere in our day-to-day work.

These facilities are complemented by our provision of a company pension and by the way we remunerate activities that add value to the business.

Without doubt, what’s special about our family-owned business is the respect and trust we show in our working relationships and our recognition that we aren’t a “perfect” company. Being authentic and working together for success are also key features of our working environment, allowing plenty of opportunities for development and innovation.

Questions on the application process for professionals

We prefer to receive your application online, via our job portal, where you can upload your complete application documents.

If you haven’t identified a suitable vacancy on our job portal, we’d be happy to receive your speculative application online. By clicking the following link, you’ll be directed to the online-speculative application area.

A complete application should include a cover letter in which you explain why you’d like to join the Steuler team. In addition, you should include a CV with a photograph and, of course, your work references and certificates.

Your documents will be immediately accepted into our application process and initially checked for completeness. After that, your application will be viewed and evaluated by our human resources team and by the relevant department. Immediately thereafter, you’ll receive a response by email.

If you apply using our online application form, you’ll receive a confirmation of receipt as soon as you’ve submitted your application. This means you can be sure that we’ve received your documents and will be reviewing them. We endeavour to go through all incoming applications and then give appropriate feedback as soon as we can.

Your data is treated confidentially and, if your application is unsuccessful, deleted in accordance with data protection rules. However, if you give us your consent, we are happy to retain your data in case a suitable opportunity for us to work together arises at a later date.