Steuler offers dedicated students a great many opportunities to gain practical experience and prove themselves within the company.

Even while studying for your degree, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of our technologies and services and start contributing your own ideas right from the outset. All the while you will be making contacts and in a position to get an early foot on the career ladder at Steuler after completing your studies. Whether working on projects or mastering the challenges of everyday working life, you'll learn a lot in a short period of time and accept responsibility early on.

We offer an impressive range of programmes for those doing their studies.

The ideal career start for those eligible for university who want a bit more. The dual degree course combines a degree with an apprenticeship at the Steuler Group. The students acquire a solid technical understanding of a wide range of fields at university, which they then apply and deepen during the practical phases at Steuler. Dual degree course students study full time for 6 terms, which, thanks to the intimate relationship between the company, vocational college and university/training academy, optimally prepares them for life as the specialists and management executives of tomorrow. Plus, they acquire a vocational education with full qualifications into the bargain.

You can lay the foundations for your career at Steuler even before you finish studying and gain valuable practical experience in an international environment at an early stage as a cooperative student. A win-win situation: students learn how things work in practice - and Steuler establishes contact with the best new talents. At Steuler, you not only benefit from field-related insights into how things work in the real world, but from talking with experienced colleagues and other students.

A cooperative degree combines a university degree course with additional practical work experience at the company. This gives rise to an intimate relationship developing between the students, the university and the Steuler Group. At the start of the course, the priority is on gaining practical experience in operational environment. This is optional, but of particular importance for first-year students who have no vocational training. The second half of the course includes working on specific projects and performing engineering-related tasks. 

One more benefit: the factory student contract guarantees an income from day one and consequently a modicum of financial independence. You're a good fit to us if you've already successfully completed your first term in civil engineering management, energy and process engineering or other technical subjects.

Students can get a taste for how professional success in an international company feels over the course of a work placement with us. Because you can't yet know which course your life will take, we offer you the perfect opportunity to explore some options with a student work placement. We place you in one of our teams of experts and introduce you to our world - a world that could one day be yours too. You will be a part of the team from day one and get to experience what it means to work for an international industrial enterprise and shape the markets of tomorrow. As a work placement student, you need to show that you have completed several terms studying a suitable degree subject, have gained your first practical experience and manage to impress us with your character, self-motivation, dependability and determination.

We are open to numerous study disciplines. In order to complete your bachelor's project or master's thesis with us as a budding engineer or business manager, the most important thing is your passion and your ability.

We give you the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment - and in the process, look carefully to see who stands out as a potential talent with a strong affinity for our company. We keep in regular contact with students who impress us and are a good fit for our company. Because we know that their potential is a valuable asset - it can develop to become an important part of our mutual futures.

Click here for the application form for work placement students.

We offer a wide range of career opportunities and development prospects to graduates in all kinds of subjects - not least due to the diversity of our fields of business and our global presence. You'll find Steuler offers excellent prospects for your personal and professional development.

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"The dual degree course at Steuler enabled me to pursue my desire to study and at the same time get to know professional life. This enabled me to find my place in the company and I now work in controlling for the foreign subsidiaries. The experience I gained during my training helps me today to master daily tasks and challenges."

Alina Linke

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