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Our Declaration of Sustainability


Thinking sustainably - acting sustainably

For Steuler, responsibility means that we not only consider economic factors in our corporate strategy, but keep our employees, the welfare of society and the environment in mind at all times too.

For us, actively practicing responsibility in terms of corporate social responsibility means doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner within a forward-looking company – and we've been doing that for over 100 years. As a diversified group of companies, Steuler offers innovative product solutions to customers around the world that help ensure their commercial success and make a positive contribution to sustainable global development. The foundation for this is provided by a corporate management focused on responsibility and long-term value creation. Our vision is the creation of sustainable value – for our customers, for our company and for generations to come.

Family-owned company by tradition.

We're proud of our values and the success of our activities.

Our employees are Steuler's most important asset, and our commitment to their well-being and personal development is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. Their skill, motivation and passion are crucial to our competitiveness and long-term viability, and our overall success hinges on them. We offer a wide range of educational programmes, together with flexible working hours, in order to promote our employees’ personal and professional development and allow them to achieve an acceptable balance between work and family life. We also offer a varied programme of preventative healthcare activities that caters to the physical and mental well-being of our staff. Steuler takes occupational safety and health at work very seriously. Our safety management system is designed to prevent workplace accidents and to identify potential hazards in advance.

Steuler is a global player with strong roots in the region. We see ourselves as a part of the local community and support education, research and social involvement – a commitment that extends far beyond our business activities.


We consider education a prerequisite to being able to think innovatively. It acts to stimulate social and economic development whilst simultaneously opening up potential opportunities for young people. The educational programmes we offer within the company, at universities and as part of our sponsorship programmes are intended to help young people to lay the foundations on which to build future knowledge. 


Through our research and development activities, we make a valuable contribution to ensuring Germany remains an attractive place for doing business. For many years now, we've been active in promoting selected projects in the fields of social affairs, environment and nature, culture, education and sports.

Steuler honours its obligations

Wherever Steuler Group companies operate around the world, they attach great importance to protecting human dignity and fully respecting human rights throughout the entire value chain.

Steuler recognises and honours its obligations with respect to future generations and uses natural resources in a responsible manner. Our business activities are governed by our commitment to quality and the protection of the environment. This is why we're committed to energy management, why we participate in numerous quality certification programmes and support the sustainability initiative of the chemical industry. The continuous development of our environmental management system and improvement of our environmental performance is regularly verified through ISO 14001 certification. We consider the careful selection of high-quality raw materials and their procurement in compliance with stringent guidelines to be standard business practice. Our certification according to the SCC Checklist (safety certificate contractors) means that our customers can also rely on us when it comes to safety, health and environmental protection, including on site.

We endeavour to be a dependable and responsible partner to all our stakeholders by conducting business in a sustainable manner – and this endeavour forms an integral part of our corporate identity.

Christmas donation 2022

As part of our sustainable actions, we are foregoing large gifts this year and instead making a donation to help where support is urgently needed.

Unnauer Patenschaft

Our donation is intended to contribute to the barrier-free conversion of a house so that twelve-year-old Aliyah-Sofie can participate in family life.

The project is managed by the Unnauer Patenschaft. The association directly and unbureaucratically helps seriously ill and disabled children and adolescents with their families. The donations improve the conditions of stay during lengthy, difficult therapies and enable regular visits by the parents. Barrier-free conversions or urgently needed aids are also financed by the Unnau sponsorship.

All members of the association place their work voluntarily and free of charge in the service of those in need of help, so that every cent of the donations benefits those affected in the geographical Westerwald.

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Hachenburger Frischlinge

The Westerwald rally team Hachenburger Frischlinge with its six drivers is stepping on the gas again. One of them is our employee and colleague, whose voluntary commitment we would like to support with a donation. In the fall of 2023, the engines will start for the Hachenburg-Kapstadt-Kigali rally. The three Landrover Discovery vehicles, code-named Hui, Wäller and Allemol, will be shipped to South Africa due to the security situation in northern Africa. From there, the team will drive through Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania to Rwanda. Once at their destination, the donations will be used to build an urgently needed extension to the Gakoma Health Centre in the district of Gisagara/Rwanda. The building project thus means structural help for the whole region and makes it possible to treat simple medical cases more comprehensively.

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