Leadership principles


Our leadership principles make us shape success together

  • Managers are a role model and lead by example
  • Cooperation is our preferred form of working together
  • Transparency through communication
  • Strategies and ideas drive our company forward
  • Ensure and increase competitiveness
  • Employee development is a key success factor
  • Delegating tasks create freedom for leadership
  • Making decisions - swift, clear and comprehensible
  • Target agreement is the basis of shared commitments
[Translate to English:] Steuler-Personalleiterin Tanja Demko

"The motto by which I lead my department is “we can achieve little on our own, we are only strong together”. We therefore attach great importance to good interaction with one another, help each other and have great trust. As a department head, I actively involve my employees in order to be transparent, generate motivation and have a lot of fun at work together."

Tanja Demko (Head of HR at Steuler)