Steuler visits "Sewage Sludge Treatment" in Belgium

On April 9th and 10th, the 3rd International VDI Conference “Sewage Sludge Treatment” took place at the Crowne Plaza Antwerp, to which more than 150 participants were welcomed. The conference focused on innovative processes for sludge treatment, recovery of phosphorus and sewage sludge recycling in the circular economy.

Steuler was also on-site and was able to attract great interest with the new product development KERABUTYL HT – a soft rubber lining with outstanding thermal resistance up to 150 °C. The main applications for this are evaporators, raw gas inlets, quench and the replacement of expensive special materials.Hendrik Gärths (links) und Ralf Kleinwechter (rechts) auf der "Sewage Sludge Treatment" in Antwerpen, Belgien.