School Graduates

School will soon be over. What now? Higher education or vocational training?
Wouldn't it be great to get a head start at a company that not only offers valuable qualifications, but has a great many exciting jobs too?
Excellent! Welcome to Steuler.
Steuler considers vocational training an investment in the future. Steuler trains around 80 apprentices and students throughout Germany in a variety of different trades and professions. We are looking for the workers of tomorrow who are dedicated, interested in engineering and technology and enjoy their work.
Apprenticeships at Steuler are varied and based on real-world applications - and they prepare you for future-oriented occupations which allow you to assume responsibility. Our training programmes equip you with the skills and qualifications you'll need for a successful career: the ability to work in a team, flexibility, a capacity for learning, coherent thinking, resilience and creativity. 
We offer our dual vocational training courses and degree courses at many different sites within Germany. It doesn't matter whether you're a technical wizard or would rather work in a lab, whether you'd like to demonstrate your organisational talents as an industrial management assistant or are more interested in cutting-edge IT solutions - we have the right apprenticeship for you. 
Whether you choose a vocational training or degree course, the Steuler Group has some great extras to offer you:
Our experienced trainers and stimulating learning environment ensure you get a great start in your future career. Apprentices working in the engineering and technology field acquire the skills they need for their dream job in a live production environment. During their training, aspiring industrial business managers for Europe get to do an overseas work placement at one of the Steuler Group's numerous subsidiaries. This includes factory training and IT courses.
We go to great lengths to ensure that our employees really enjoy working for us. That's something you'll notice from day one too. There are plenty of seminars and a field trip outside the factory - a great opportunity to get to know each other and bond as a team. All apprentices at Steuler are paid according to the collective wage agreement, irrespective of which trade or profession they are learning. There's an attractive monthly training allowance and a bit more each year until the final examination. Plus there is holiday pay and a Christmas bonus, 30 days of holiday each year and allowances for teaching materials and class trips too. Experienced colleagues are on hand to help you prepare for your final examination. And you can stay on with us even after you graduate: we offer a 3-month guarantee of employment on top of everything else.
Is that something you would be interested in? If so, continue reading to find out your options are at Steuler:

Dual vocational training

An apprenticeship is an investment in your future. The Steuler Group provides professional, tailor-made vocational training in many traditional and some less obvious occupations to ensure you're ideally prepared for your later career path. Rather work in an office, laboratory or manufacturing? At the Steuler Group, you have a choice between many different industry apprenticeships. Find out which is right for you now.

Dual degree course

The ideal career start for those eligible for university who want a bit more. The dual degree course combines a degree with an apprenticeship at the Steuler Group. The students acquire a solid technical understanding of a wide range of fields at university, which they then apply and deepen during the practical phases at Steuler. Dual degree course students study full time for 6 terms, which, thanks to the intimate relationship between the company, vocational college and university/training academy, optimally prepares them for life as the specialists and management executives of tomorrow. Plus, they acquire a vocational education with full qualifications into the bargain.
University-eligible students interested in engineering and technology also have the opportunity of completing a cooperative degree with us. You can find more information on this here.

Work experience for schools

Impressions convey more than words. We offer interesting work placements to anyone wanting to get a glimpse of working life at an early stage and gain a better understanding of vocational training programmes. Pupils aged fifteen and older can do a work placement with us to see how a workplace operates - and can do so in any of the trades or professions in which we offer training. Come and get a first taste at Steuler and discover your dream job.
Click here for the application form for work placement students.


Deciding on the right industry apprenticeship is something that takes careful consideration. Does it match your interests and abilities? Our tips links can help you find the right occupation for you. Maybe you'll decide for one of the exciting industry apprenticeships offered by Steuler. In which case, we look forward to receiving your application.
You can find out more about our industry apprenticeships and dual degree courses here:
  • Thanks to the varied and interesting tasks in both a domestic and international setting, Steuler offers me opportunities that I wouldn't get at other Westerwald-based companies.
    Jan Baumhauer, with Steuler since 2008
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