Lectures and panel discussion at the 1st STEULER-KCH Corrosion Protection Conference


Corrosion protection specialists from different European nations, STEULER-KCH experts and product specialists met up in April for STEULER-KCH's 1st Corrosion Protection Conference.

Following light refreshments, the guests attending the two-day event were given a tour of the plastics manufacturing plant at the new Mogendorf production facility opened in 2015. The visit of the main plant in Siershahn and tour of the rubber lining production facility was followed by a look behind the scenes at the KERA manufacturing operation. After a successful first day, the guests met for dinner where they were able to engage in lively and stimulating discussions about what they had experienced.

The second day of the STEULER-KCH Corrosion Protection Conference, held at the Conference Hotel in Grenzau, opened with a welcome speech given by STEULER-KCH Managing Director Mahmoud Salehi. The 90 attendees were then given exciting insights into the latest developments within the industry, with lectures on pipes and apparatus made from fluoropolymer/GRP composite materials, PFA linings and stainless exhaust gas cleaning systems. Besides in-house experts, event instigator Ralf Kleinwechter (STEULER-KCH Surface Protection Systems), managed to recruit the services of an engineering firm that presented new approaches to the topic under the heading "An end to rust! Corrosion protection in exhaust gas cleaning systems."

Hands-on exercises were held between the presentations to reinforce awareness of the materials and their properties. The conference finished with a practical demonstration of the application of rubber lining materials by a STEULER-KCH installation technician. The tools and materials used for this were manufactured in house at the Siershahn factory, whose production process the attendees were given a glimpse of the previous day.

Following a closing discussion and farewell, the feedback received from the participants was positive all round, raising the prospect of further events over the coming years.