"Corrosion Protection in Sulphuric Acid Plants" in a technical presentation in Houston, Texas


The "Sulphur + Sulphuric Acid 2019" conference, the annual global meeting of the Sulphuric Acid industry, took place in Houston, Texas in early November of this year.

A total of 480 delegates, suppliers and operators/ costumers as well as plant engineers from the Sulphuric Acid Industry met there.

For more than 30 years, the conference has been a platform for sharing experience, discussing strategies and doing business. The four-day Agenda will feature important market insights on supply, demand and price developments as well as detailed technical content focused on the practical application of technology, equipment and operational expertise.

This year’s presentation “Corrosion Protection in Sulphuric Acid Plants” by Dr. Andreas Hopp and Roland Günther, Steuler Surface Protection Linings, was a great success. In the detailed-focused specialist presentation, not only new developments such as FURADUR HT but also new fields of applications for already existing products such as STEULERFLAKE EPN as a time-saving applied sealing layer in sulfuric acid towers as well as a documentation on comparative tests of acid-resistant stones and sealing layers were presented. Embodiments for new plants and repairs in downtime with a short period of time completed the lecture.

The fact that the Steuler experts meet interested trade visitors and potential clients within the scope of such congresses has been shown once more: Due to a similar presentation held at the Sulfuric Acid Roundtable Workshop in Orlando in March 2019, a delivery order and the provision of a technical advisor for the repair of a gas inlet at Glencore in Canada could already be made.