Industry creates the future


On the 27th of November 2017, the Employers' Association Entrepreneurs' Day was held at the HAUS DER UNTERNEHMER in Duisburg. The artistic highlight of the evening was without doubt the awards ceremony for the winner of the photo competition, whose theme was "Industry creates the future".

With her photo "Gold Nuggets", which was commissioned by us as part of the Refractory Division's Recovery campaign, industrial photographer Jennifer Wolf from Hennef made it into the final round of 12 photographs in the competition, and was thus among the invited guests.

The photo was used as the key visual for our Recovery campaign: Her task was to capture in a single photo the essence of the "Sustainable Refractory Management" concept (which involves extracting worn refractory material, reprocessing it and returning it to the recovered materials cycle as a secondary raw material, which is used in turn to create new refractory products). With this image, the photographer succeeded in symbolising the "metamorphosis" of waste to recycled material to premium product in one photo. Chunks of spent material appear like valuable gold nuggets in the magical light - premium refractory products rise like a phoenix from the ashes (in this case, from secondary raw materials).

In the presence of over three hundred high-ranking guests from business and politics, Jennifer Wolf's photo was ceremoniously revealed as the winner by Hendrik Wüst, Transport Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

"I'm very proud to have received this award", says Jennifer Wolf. "My ambition with my photographic work is to generate the maximum amount of attention with powerful, meaningful images that emotionally captivate the observer. During the collaboration with Steuler, we defined simple messages that we wanted to convey, which I then visualised in my work. Winning the Employers' Association competition is the result of a trust-based, creative collaboration, and shows for the first time with a specific work the impact good images have. Further incentive for more amazing projects."

We're thrilled that our campaign is receiving an additional boost in the heart of the steel industry due to this special award. Congratulations, Jenny Wolf.

Photographer Jennifer Wolf wins the "Industrie schafft Zukunft" photo competition with the Recovery campaign for Steuler Refractory Linings

Wim Abbing, Chairman of the Employers' Association, presents the award to Jennifer Wolf. Right: ZDF television presenter Michael Krons.

Guests from politics and business at the 2017 Entrepreneur Day in Duisburg

Over three hundred guests from politics and business were present at the award ceremony. (Photos: Employers' Association)