Physics cleverly used for environmental protection


Wet electrostatic precipitators are used for the separation of aerosols and fine dusts from gas mixes.

They are used, among other things, in waste incineration, the chemical industry and non-ferrous metals extraction. The high degree of filtering of up to 99.9% is remarkable - even the smallest particles of less than one micrometer are detected thanks to electrical charging.  

Steuler Plastic Linings offers its customers components for wet electrostatic precipitators in combination with tailor-made solutions. The focus is always on the defined performance profile: from the casing size, the number and length of the pipes, up to the variants of the pipe bundles, the filter is specially tailored to its use. This not only benefits new plants – existing systems can also be revamped or generally overhauled.

The new brochure centers the 3D model of the wet electrostatic precipitator. Not only can the different components be distinguished right away, but also their performance and efficiency.

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