Steuler qualification program for employees starts in the third round


Fewer and fewer people will work longer in the future. This also applies to the Steuler Group. In order to counteract this personnel policy challenge in the future, the company has launched a program to support “tomorrow's key players”.

The potential of selected employees will be developed through this qualification program in order to make better use of their daily work.

In November 2019, the third round of the Steuler Nachwuchsförderprogramm (junior development program) was launched. Thirteen junior staff and their mentors were invited to the kick-off event. At our location in Höhr-Grenzhausen, a business simulation opened the ambitious training program, which spans over 1.5 years.

The aim of the business simulation was to consciously place the participants in stress situations in order to observe their handling of the respective conflicts and their communication. Throughout the game, the junior staff changed roles several times, while being observed by six mentors from the Steuler management. Various criteria were evaluated and developed together with the participants in a feedback discussion as fields of action for the upcoming seminars.

Despite the challenging task, the group grew together very well right at the beginning and all participants are looking forward to the time they will soon spend together in the young talent promotion program as well as the future challenges.

In autumn 2021, this group will conclude the program with a final project in the form of a presentation.