(R)EVOLUTION in swimming pool construction - BEKAPOOL


BEKAPOOL is a completely new construction concept for swimming pools that STEULER-KCH Pool Construction is currently presenting to expert groups.

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: A highly durable and verifiably waterproof plastic lining material is permanently mechanically attached directly to the tried-and-tested structural building material, concrete. The result is a well-thought-out, high-quality composite material system with all the beneficial properties required for swimming pool construction

This is something new that completely revolutionises how swimming pools are constructed: This innovative, comprehensive, modular building concept is based on precast concrete elements manufactured to tight tolerances with integrated lining technology. All detail options can be individually designed to fit the specific circumstances and requirements of each pool. Specific precast concrete wall and floor segments with integrated plastic lining are fully prefabricated for each project, transported to the building site and installed in just a short space of time. The pool equipment, such as inlets and overflows, precisely levelable overflow channels and coping elements as well as other fixtures are implemented in the precast segment at the factory and just need to be connected up on site. On-site installation is fast and plannable, ensuring short downtimes for existing facilities and fast commissioning of new developments.

The advantages of the material are unbeatable:

  • Physiologically innocuous, anti-adhesive, easy to clean, highly resistant to chlorides
  • Frostproof, UV stable, available in a variety of colours with a surface texture that is pleasantly warm to the touch
  • Smooth, jointless pool lining from a single material that is permanently mechanically anchored to the concrete substructure

For BEKAPOOL, the swimming pool expert STEULER-KCH integrates materials, engineering and installation to create a high-performance comprehensive package for both new developments and conversions. The well-thought-out, reliable system solution starts paying for itself immediately. The use of proven materials, the high degree of prefabrication of the system elements and fast, predictable onsite installation means savings of up to 25% compared to conventional building techniques. BEKAPOOL pays dividends when in operation too: Ongoing maintenance costs are significantly lower, especially in the case of open-air swimming pools. 

As with every other system from the waterproofing experts, STEULER-KCH Pool Construction offers the developer or planner all services relating to BEKAPOOL from a single source: Planning, consultation, structural analysis, water circulation system design, on-site installation. A single reliable partner for all aspects of the building project means highly efficient and dependable project management. The STEULER-KCH specialists draw on the wealth of experience and expertise of a multifaceted team to provide planners, architects and developers state-of-the-art support on all aspects of the project. Technically competent, on-going and comprehensive.