Steuler flue gas scrubber on island in the Indian Ocean


In 2018, Steuler Anlagenbau supplied and successfully commissioned a catalytic flue gas scrubbing plant for a General Electric 41 MW turbine on the French holiday island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean.

The electricity generated by the stationary turbine serves primarily to cover periods of peak demand and is designed to start up quickly when required.

As far as the fuel is concerned, it's the first power plant of its kind in the world that runs on bioethanol. The alcohol is produced on the island from brown sugar cane and distilled at a local distillery.

In terms of the surface area of the catalyst, the catalytic flue gas scrubbing plant is the largest unit that Steuler has installed in this sector to date. The exhaust gases produced by the turbine - a volumetric flow rate of around 400,000 m³ per hour - are fed across an installed catalyst surface area of 64 m2  (8x8m) where nitrogen oxides detrimental to the climate are converted into elemental nitrogen and water.