Steuler Pool Linings on the winners podium once again at the Innovation Award


The Siershahn-based pool construction experts just placed an excellent second place in the Innovation Award at the Interbad trade show with STEULER-Q7eco.

The latest innovation in the field of reliable swimming pool waterproofing systems is the embodiment of Green Technology: Each layer of the system is solvent-free and thus meets the requirements for sustainability too. A major aspect of the innovation is the utilisation and processing of renewable raw materials. From the preparation of the substrate to the finished upper lining – STEULER-Q7eco is a precisely matched system of materials that doesn't give leaks or any other types of damage that typically affect swimming pools a chance. The proven system gives customers, planners and architects the greatest degree of flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to waterproofing pools of any shape and design imaginable, including the integrated elements and equipment. The ability to commence sealing and lining work sooner, a solvent-free all-in-one system for fast and dependable project implementation and reliable leak testing without having to fill the pool result in an unbeatable combination of economic efficiency, environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Steuler entered the sustainable waterproofing system STEULER-Q7eco for the Innovation Award at Interbad, the trade show for swimming pool, sauna and spa professionals. A total of 13 companies showcased their product innovations in the "Innovation Area" and around 6,000 jurors cast their vote via the Internet or by ballot card. The winners were decided based on the criteria innovativeness, sustainability and improvement in life cycle assessment and energy balance, design, as well as functionality and practicability.

Joachim P. Ostrowski (Head of Steuler Pool Linings) accepted the award from Berthold Schmitt-Schraml (Chairman of the board of the German Pool Industry Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badwesen) and Andreas Wiesinger (Messe Stuttgart) at the presentation ceremony held on the 26th of October 2018.

Having previously won 1st place in the Innovation Award 2016 and being honoured with the Golden Wave Award (both for the BEKAPOOL system), this year's top placement with STEULER-Q7eco is yet another clear indication of the innovative strength and market position the highly regarded swimming pool constructor Steuler has.