Innovative swimming pool sealing has a name: STEULER-Q7eco. Layer by layer, the system is completely solvent-free and thereby ensures that sustainability requirements are met.

Sustainable and proven reliability with Steuler Green Technology

A key component of the system is that it involves the processing and use of sustainable raw materials instead of critical compounds. From subsurface treatment up to the finished surface covering, STEULER-Q7eco is a finely tuned material system through which leaks and other kinds of damage don’t stand a chance.

STEULER-Q7eco offers significant benefits:

  • Completely solvent-free system
  • Cost- and time-optimised construction
  • Higher reliability thanks to 25% stronger sealing sheets
  • Leak testing without water filling
  • High degree of crack bridging and elasticity
  • System-compliant solutions for all connections and built-in components
  • Processing begins much earlier compared to all conventional composite seals (AIV-F)

STEULER-Q7eco gives customers, planners and architects a maximum of flexibility and reliability, regarding the sealing of every conceivable pool shape and design but also as in terms of connections and built-in components. An earlier start of sealing and lining work, rapid and safe project implementation by a solvent-free all-in-one system as well as reliable leak testing without water filling ensure that economic efficiency is combined with ecology friendliness and sustainability.

Get to know STEULER-Q7eco at the Interbad in Stuttgart from 23.-26.10.18 (6C31, hall 6).