BEKASTEEL: The astonishing stainless steel lining system really does the job


STEULER-KCH has something really special in its portfolio of highly versatile and practical lining systems: BEKASTEEL. It is made of stainless steel and is ideally suited for use in areas subject to thermal and mechanical stresses of all kinds.

The three-millimeter-thick stainless steel plates are available in numerous variants featuring smooth, adhesive or non-slip surfaces. On the back of the plates are retainers, tension bolts or shear anchors to make a firm connection to the surface beneath. The individual plates are joined together with welds. Gas and watertightness tests, such as the dye penetrant inspection or vacuum method, are carried out in compliance with the appropriate regulations. BEKASTEEL’s electrostatic discharge capacity means that they can also be used safely where risks of explosion exist. Depending on the quality of stainless steel chosen, BEKASTEEL can also offer the highest resistance to chemicals.

Lining specialists STEULER-KCH provide the right system for any needs:

BEKASTEEL S is for lining surfaces, rooms and plant and can easily cover any cracks in a substrate, making it ideal for restoration or renovation. In particular, laboratories, clean rooms, the food industry and areas subject to explosion hazard all benefit from the system, which can be used on floors and walls. Sandwich-modules prefabricated at the factory allow for short installation times and therefore cause little production downtime.

BEKASTEEL T is the STEULER-KCH steel lining system specially designed for areas subject to the most severe mechanical and thermal stresses, such as facilities for truck internal cleaning. The system easily handles severe temperature fluctuations and brief but extreme spikes. It is solidly anchored to the substrate, making it insusceptible to warping due to temperature changes or lateral forces and ensuring long-term and, more importantly, fault-free plant operations.

BEKASTEEL F is the system of choice for lining precast concrete elements, such as catch pits for truck and rail loading areas as well as pits and trenches. Installing this structurally self-supporting system of precast concrete elements, tension bolts and stainless steel sheet requires only a subsurface that is insusceptible to settling. Pits and trenches are especially versatile since they are removable. BEKASTEEL F systems are (almost) completely prefabricated at the factory, allowing for extremely short downtime and set-up time.