KERAVERIN composite materials in the chemical processing industry


KERAVERIN is a composite material made from a chemically resistant internal liner that is reinforced with GRP and/or carbon fibre, and which offers a technically sound and economically viable solution in many situations.

When it comes to process equipment, vessels and pipes that are subjected to high chemical and thermal stresses, the question of which materials to use is a recurring theme. At the end of the day, an acceptable compromise must be reached between the different technical and economic concerns. In the past, there was often no other option than to use exotic metals – making construction very expensive – or implement solutions that offered a substantially reduced service life.

STEULER-KCH is now expanding the fields of application for plastic constructions into areas where they could not previously be used with special KERAVERIN varieties. KERAVERIN PTFE-M, in particular, is used for highly stressed components in the chemical processing industry.

Larger process equipment like tanks, vessels and piping systems intended for continuous operation at temperatures of up to 160°C and operating pressures of up to 10 barg or even a full vacuum present a major challenge for most plastic constructions. But not for KERAVERIN PTFE-M, which is resistant to almost all chemicals thanks to its liner.

Case examples demonstrate the suitability of KERAVERIN PTFE-M for use in high stress environments:

  • KERAVERIN process column DN 1000 x 14000 mm, 160°C, 6 barg
  • KERAVERIN absorption column DN 2800 x 16000 mm, 135°C, vacuum
  • KERAVERIN pressure vessel DN 1100 x 4000 mm, 100°C, 7.5 barg
  • KERAVERIN piping system DN 100 - DN 300 mm, 160°C, 7 barg

The advantages of KERAVERIN are obvious. The composite material is highly resistant to chemical and thermal attacks, withstands pressure and vacuum and can be adapted to a wide variety of different geometries. The fixed composite structure offers good emergency-running properties, contains no absolute diffusion barrier and requires fewer flange connections. KERAVERIN is a lightweight construction that offers reliable protection against corrosion, even on the outside, is easy to repair and can be supplied in electrically conductive versions too.

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