Nettebad Osnabrück: Fit for the summer season with new BEKAPOOL pool


There's no doubt in Jürgen August's mind: "The new non-swimmers’ pool at the Nettebad has fulfilled all of our expectations thus far, and we can claim with a modicum of pride that we were one of the early adopters thoroughly convinced by the benefits of BEKAPOOL".

The non-swimmers’ pool in the outdoor area of the Nettebad pool complex in Osnabrück was typical of the renovation cases we see. Shabby tiles, leaky drains - the pool, built in 1973, was outdated and could no longer be operated economically due to its excessively large surface area. A solution had to be found quickly that would not interfere with the operation of the baths any longer than absolutely necessary - after all, every lost day would impact the operator’s bottom line. Apart from a short construction duration, the operator was specifically looking for an affordable system with low cleaning and maintenance costs for decades to come which would meet high demands for look and feel.

When comparing the various suppliers, it quickly became apparent to Jürgen August, decision maker for the Stadtwerke Osnabrück which operates the pool, that BEKAPOOL from STEULER-KCH was the system of choice. "BEKAPOOL offers all the benefits that we'd been looking for. Thanks to the concept of using pre-fabricated concrete elements, the new pool was completed within just a few weeks. There was only a moderate amount of preparation work to do on site, as the new pool could simply be installed within the shell of the old one. This had a wonderful side effect for us in that by doing so we were able to reduce the area of water somewhat and thus lower the operating costs. We were able to build a new spray park directly next to the pool too."

The reason the pool could be constructed so quickly - just 5 weeks until it went into service in Osnabrück - is thanks to the BEKAPOOL principle of custom pre-fabricating the concrete elements in advance. The entrance, steps, trenches and even the attachments for the pool equipment are already designed into the elements and simply have to be connected up on site. BEKAPOOL is a composite materials system made from concrete and plastic. The surface feels pleasant to the touch for the swimmers and yet is far less susceptible to vandalism than a conventional film lining. BEKAPOOL is available in countless colours and surface textures, which means every pool is completely customisable. So there's no comparison with a stainless steel pool, which is less visually appealing, not as pleasant to the touch and significantly more expensive too.

Besides providing the operator of the Nettebad with detailed advice, the comprehensive package of services offered by STEULER-KCH included project planning based on detailed construction drawings, technical systems design in consultation with a hydraulic engineer, the manufacture, delivery and installation of the construction elements as well as construction management and supervision services. Four installation technicians and a project manager made sure that everything went according to plan on site. They've now moved on to the next pool, because in the coming weeks, they're building an indoor pool for a swimming school.

See our memomotion of the pool construction on YouTube.

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