Steuler puts one of Europe's largest autoclaves in operation in its new halls in Siershahn


By operating its own autoclaves, the globally operating company strengthens its position in the rubber lining market, since the project planning can take place largely independent of the autoclave capacities that are freely available on the market.

Six meters in diameter, 15 meters in length: The Steuler autoclave is one of the largest in Europe. In an autoclave components are treated with pressure and temperature according to a project-specific process timetable. The combination of high pressure and temperatures of up to 160° C cause a reaction of the materials applied to protect the components. These cure or crosslink and thus achieve the state they need to effectively protect the components.

For the large pressure vessel and its little brother, Steuler completed two halls with a total area of almost 1,200 m² in Siershahn, which extend over two levels at a height of 13 meters. In a lobby, the loading and unloading as well as the handling of the components takes place with the help of a 40t crane system. The arrangement of the two halls on the 8.000 m² large property took place so that future expansions and attachments are possible.

The considerable dimensions of the autoclave also mean a high level of flexibility in the size of the components to be machined and open up competitive advantages for Steuler. Starting with small components with dimensions of less than 10 centimeters and weights of less than 1 kg up to large components with diameters of up to five meters, lengths of more than 10 meters and weights up to several tons can be treated. In the large autoclave inter alia whole truck semi-trailer can find space easily.

The autoclave halls are just one of numerous investments in the millions that the Steuler Group is realizing this year at the Westerwald sites. Expenditures are offset by sales of more than € 447 million, which the company achieves with 25 locations worldwide in the divisions of Linings, Equipment Engineering and Tiles..