Reopening of children’s pool at Bönnigheim’s open-air pool


The restored children’s pool now has a glittering new tiled lining, a kids’ slide, a curved slide, a mushroom fountain and a water jet. It officially opened to the public on Saturday 24.05.2014.

For years now, before the start of every summer season at the open-air swimming pool in Bönnigheim, around €10,000 had to be spent on repairs to the tiling of the children’s pool. Frost damage repeatedly caused these tiles to break away. After the 2013 season the twenty years of tile damage had become so extensive that it was no longer possible to put things right with normal repairs. In addition, the concrete surfacing around the pool had by then become so rough that it represented a danger to children.

The local council decided that the pool, with its water surface area of 150 m², would need to be renovated using a tiled lining and frost-resistant sealing specially designed for swimming pools. In addition the decision was made to restore the whole area around the pool – making it child-friendly.

Thanks to the motivated response of the two companies contracted to undertake the work, STEULER-KCH (lining of the pool) and Bietigheimer Gartengestaltung (landscaping), it was possible to restore the pool and the area surrounding it in the space of just nine weeks of building work. This made it possible to meet not only the deadlines but also the promised cost estimates.