Steuler Korrosionsschutz-Holding acquires CTI Europe N.V.


With effect from 1 July 2016, Steuler Korrosionsschutz Holding GmbH, specialist in industrial linings and equipment construction, has acquired CTI Europe N.V. (Belgium) to control from Ghent worldwide sales of electrolysis cells.

CTI Europe is a well-known manufacturer of electrolysis cells with 30 years of experience and global business relationships. The 4-12 metre long, tub-shaped cells are used for electrolysis processes in zinc and copper production. CTI manufactures the processing vessels from a material composition of polymer concrete that has proven its value in practical use. Surface damage cannot affect the material; it is permeated throughout with polymers and is therefore extraordinarily resilient, even when handling highly aggressive media such as those used in the non-ferrous metals industry.

Copper-producing companies work with standard cells of 4 to 9 metres in length. However, bigger tubs are needed for zinc production. Vessels known as jumbo cells are used for this; these can be up to 12 meters long and weigh up to 25 tonnes. They are stabilised by the incorporation of glass fibre rods, which make the transport, installation and operation of such a colossus possible.

This acquisition will allow Steuler, the corrosion protection specialist, to expand its product portfolio in existing markets. Customers in the mining and non-ferrous metals industry, for whom STEULER KCH has thus far carried out the corrosion-resistant lining of cell housings, will in future also obtain the cells needed for the production process from the same manufacturer.

Steuler Korrosionsschutz Holding will continue operations at the production site in the port area of Ghent. If regulatory requirements allow, the machine park could be enlarged and production further expanded over the next few years. The managing director of the company will be Mahmoud Salehi, who was previously responsible as CEO for the operations of the corrosion protection companies in the Steuler Group.

For Michael Steuler, President of the holding company, the CTI acquisition plays a part in further strengthening its leading position in key industries. “In future, we will be able to serve our existing customers with an extended, complimentary portfolio. With regard to the jumbo cells in particular, we anticipate good market opportunities. Oversized polymer concrete tubs are in demand and can be produced in this quality by only a handful of specialists in the world.”