Unique high-performance Composite: KERAVERIN PTFE-M


With the KERAVERIN® PTFE-M material system, STEULER-KCH offers a solution that makes conventional metallic structures substitutable.

Process equipment and piping systems in chemical plants are subject to process-related extreme factors. Aggressive media, different pressure situations as well as high temperature fluctuations call for solutions with characteristic profiles, which aim at chemical resistance as well as mechanical and thermal resistance with regard to the corrosion protection for permanently safe plant operation.

Through the use of suitable resin systems, components can be created that can be used up to a temperature of 160 °C. Due to the weldability of the modified PTFE liner, complex shapes can be realized quickly and flexibly.

The new brochure provides the advantages at one glance: Highest chemical and special mechanical durability as well as a safe and profitable plant operation.

Enhanced safety and lower costs for satisfied customers.

Further information also by mail to plastics(at)steuler-kch.com.